Homemade Deer Repellent Spray

Dear Chicago House,

You are a dark horse. Who knew the short burst of heat we had last week would produce such abundance of color in your garden. I had no idea so many of your bushes would produce such a wonderful array of blossom. We have pink, white, fushia and yellow.

What more could a girl ask for? I know, what how about a cheap home made spray that keeps those pesky deer from eating your juicy hostas.

Low and behold here we are, coming up one homemade deer repellent spray.


2 eggs
1 cup of skimmed milk
1 cup of water
2 tablespoons of dish detergent

Whiz up in a blender and put in an old spray bottle. The deer are repelled by the smell of rotting eggs… but I have been unable to detect much of a odor so Chicago garden you will carry on smelling sweet to the likes of me.

Chicago house your hostas WILL be protected.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


P.S. This spray is still doing it’s job…check out the latest photos from my garden

40 thoughts on “Homemade Deer Repellent Spray

  1. Is this recipe bee friendly? I have Mason Bees that I don’t want to harm and I want them to pollinate the plants.


  3. Thank you so much for this recipe! I have been using this for 3 years now and no plants have been harmed by deer, except for the ones I didn’t spray like the holly I thought was safe, not! I apply about once a month from spring to late summer. Rain doesn’t even take away its effectiveness. I tell everyone I know about this, it’s the cheapest and best thing I’ve ever used.

    1. Hi Hillary,
      When you first start using the spray you really need to use after every rain which is a bit of a pain. However the deer learn to avoid the plants after a while so you can reduce the usage.

    1. I actually use it all in one go and just make up a new batch as I need. It would probably last a long time the the fridge but would begin to stink a bit!

  4. Does it have to be regular milk? Or do you think coconut milk would work? That’s what I have. Just found half my hostas gone 🙁

    1. You could try it with coconut milk…it is much cheaper with cows milk though! The milk is the carrier for the eggs so I see no reason it shouldn’t work. Let me know!

  5. Thanks for the information. Please give me more detail about the usage. At first, apply after every rain. Does this mean every spring? Then, when do you start easing off? Every 2 weeks, once a month? Do you need to do it even in the winter. Thanks! Camilla

    1. Hi Camilla, I usually start to apply as my hostas start appearing…it seems of all the plants in my garden it’s those that the deer love the most. I apply probably about once a week until the plants are well established then about once a month or after a really heavy rain. I only apply to plants I know the deer like to eat. You can use in winter and I wish I had, as the deer took huge chunks from a yew hedge during the snowy months when they couldn’t find anything to eat. The hedge has yet to fully recover!

  6. Thanks for the recipe! I love the deer but they are destroying my coneflowers and hydrangeas! I wrote the recipe on the spray bottle so it’s always handy…praying it will work!

  7. I can’t wait to try this! Another unrelated question…..do you know of anything that can be sprayed on basil that has been damaged by ? Something is eating holes in leaves….last year the snails were bad and doing that…moved them this year…holes by not snails now. Have them in pots and moved them to different areas of the yard each year. Always damaged by not sure what. I know they say Sevin is safe, but I don’t trust something like that on basil…where it is the leaf one eats. I tried making a potion of hot sauce in water with a little Dawn…helped a bit. Plant itself not happy about that…leaves burned a little. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Not sure what to suggest for your basil but it sounds like caterpillars …but then you would see those. Slugs?

  8. I use this same recipe to deter deer but I add 2-3 Tbsp of vegetable oil, it helps the solution to stick to my plants. I also mix it in a 2 gallon pump up sprayer & fill to fill line with water, adding dish detergent last to avoid foaming over. Have used this for 10 years with great success!

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