Painting a Skyline Wall Mural

Dear Chicago House,

Oooh you have had some really lovely comments (HGTV and Facebook) on the makeover of one of your yuckiest basement rooms now magically transformed into a teenage pent house. I hope you are blushing!

One of my favorite things about that room is the skyline I painted on one of your paneled walls but before I daubed your freshly painted white walls with grey and black paint, I needed to make sure the concept worked (and was approved by the teenage whose space this is!)

In real life I am a web and graphic designer so I had a few sneaky tools up my sleeve to “virtually decorate” the room with the skyline.

First I designed the skyline in Illustrator. It was then imported  into Photoshop and superimposed  on a photograph of your blank wall I  After a bit of color tweaking, playing around with different shade of gray I settled on a simple black and  gray color palette, again with approval of said teenage.

Using my photoshop image I sketched the skyline on the wall with pencil, your panels were actually a plus for this as it enabled me to reproduce scale wise exactly what I had created on photoshop. Yippee!

But then they let me down. Because your paneling has a pretty rough surface my initial plan to carefully tape off and paint the skyline failed so I ended up painting the whole thing free hand. It’s a good job I have a steady hand. I was a bit of a cheap skate when it came to the paint. I bought a small can of black and did some home mixing with white to achieve the grey.

It is fun a decorate a teenage space.

Love from

Creative In Chicago


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