Paper Orb Tutorial

Aren’t these paper orbs just gorgeous! They are not difficult at all to make and require no special crafty supplies. Go and rescue that old corn flake packet out of the bin right now and knock one of these babies up in a matter of minutes.

paper orb tutorial

Here is what you will need.

  • Craft knife or scissors
  • A scoring tool, you don’t need anything special, I used a big fat tapestry needle
  • Paper, card or cardboard. I used regular printer paper for my smaller balls, watercolor paper for my larger ones and also an the cardboard from a cereal packet.
  • Tape
  • Template– see below
  • Paint or pens to decorate

The Template

Download the template below.

If you are using paper or thin card stock to create your orb you can print straight onto your substrate and cut them out. For anything you can’t feed through your printer you will need to make a simple template to trace around. When making a template cut out the areas that are to be scored as shown below.

The template can be easily scaled so you can make different size orbs.

Making the Orb

The orb is made of three strips. Cut out each strip and score along the small dotty lines. Once scored gently fold as shown.

paper orb tutorial


Then flatten out the folds you have made.

Tape two of the strips to make circles, if you are using a pre-printed stock there is a dotted line to help you line the seam up.

paper orb tutorial

Combine your taped pieces as shown. You want to make sure that the scored areas are completely visible

paper orb tutorial


Then take your final strip and thread it through like this

paper orb tutorial

Tape the ends together and rotate if gently to make sure the scored areas are visible.

paper orb tutorial

paper orb tutorial

Then gently push on the scored areas to activate your folds and work your way around the orb. I found working on a side then the opposite side worked best.

paper orb tutorial

Then you can decorate however you like.

I used water color paint and paper for this blue one painting different patterns on each outer edges but tying it altogether with a simple stripe patternon all the other areas

blue and white paper orb

blue and white paper orb

This one started life as a cereal packet and was decorated using white acrylic paint and a navy sharpie marker.

paper orb tutorial

Here is another one made from the cover of my watercolor pad… why waste a perfectly good piece of substrate! I used acrylic paint and a sharpie marker.

paper orb tutorial

They look lovely just together on a side table

paper orb tutorial

or added to my collection of decorative balls.

paper orbs and decorative balls

vase filler paper balls


Love from

Creative in Chicago


P.s if you enjoyed this post then you are going to love this post too where you can download a free template to make an Icosahedron – that’s a 20 sided shape.

icosahedron watercolor 3d shape

19 thoughts on “Paper Orb Tutorial

  1. These are so cool! I’m always looking for ways to upcycle (because who doesn’t want free craft supplies?) so I love that the largest was made from a cereal box!

  2. Question … you cut the semicircles out of one strip, and fold the other two? Just want to make sure I know how to do it … going to try it with my 7 and 5 year old later today. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shelia,

      You don’t actually cut semi circles out of any of the strips. If you are using a thick substrate such as cardboard I suggest making a template… the template would require cutting. Hope that help and have fun making these!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I teach art at a school where I only get a tiny budget. My students are going to love this.

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