Trash to Treasure

A comment from a reader on my Paper Orb tutorial about free craft supplies, made me realize that many of the beautiful things I create are actually from trash. It’s not some sort of grand philosophy I have and become fixated upon, it’s more of a case of seeing the potential in something or sometimes sheer laziness… why go and purchase a piece of pristine cardboard from Michaels when an old cereal packet will do!

So I have taken a look back through my old posts ( there are nearly 400 of the suckers now!) and created a new category “Trash to Treasure

There are craft projects that use material I have found when out and about like driftwood, shells, sea glass, nuts, flowers and leaves or those which are made from household waste like cardboard, paper, tin cans, old clothes etc.

Here are a few examples of the beautiful things you can make from trash.

Make a keepsake jar from an old bouquet of Roses

Frame your sea glass

Make a driftwood sea horse

Upcycle a tin can

blue and white tin can craft project

There are lots more ideas in the Trash to Treasure category. Get your creative hat on and go and check it out!


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