Modern Tie Dye Fabric Collection

One of the more popular posts on Creative in Chicago is my Shibori Tie Dying Folding Techniques, I went quite berserk with a bucket of indigo dye and created a set of really gorgeous tie dyed fabric.

My fabric is in the process of being turned into a throw but I am a bit lazy when it comes to sewing and it has sat unfinished for more than three years – tut tut! All it needs is a backing fabric and it would be done.

But my thoughts have recently come back to that tie dye loveliness with an upcoming Spoonflower design challenge to create a repeating tie dye pattern.

Why not use what I already had?

I gave my forgotten sewing project a massive session with a steam iron then painstakingly photographed each block.

It was then time for some digital magic in Photoshop and I ended up with a collection of 15 designs. My Modern Tie Dye Fabric Collection was born

And take a gander at how lovely they look!

So if you are in the market for a modern tie dye fabric look but can’t be faffed with a bucket of indigo and sporting blue hands for a whole week


Love from

Creative in Chicago



My Ink Splat with green pattern placed first in a Spoonflower design challenge!


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