Make A Holly Christmas Card

When I was a kid, Christmas cards were a big thing. You got loads and you gave loads. This day and age, putting pen to paper and actually mailing someone a letter or a card seems to be a dying art in the face or our digital lives.

So why not swap those digital messages and mail a good old fashioned Christmas card this year – and a home made Christmas card is even more special.

This Holly Christmas card is super easy to make.

You will need.

  • Card stock
  • Craft knife
  • Tissue paper and tape
  • A few sequins
  • White glue

Start by downloading the template and print straight onto your card stock. Using a craft knife, cut along the solid lines. Score gently along the dashed line and bend so the leaf appears on the front of the card.

holly leaf christmas card

Cut a rectangle of tissue paper and stick on the inside of the card so the Holly leaf holes are covered.

Add a few sequin berries, sticking on with white glue and you are done!

holly leaf christmas card
holly leaf christmas card

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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