DIY Window Treatment from Photo Slides

This brilliant window treatment comes from a Pennsylvania friend, Deb Schell, who I first met on an epic hike along the Susquehanna River

Deb is a travel writer and photographer and when she moved into a new apartment she set about creating a space that truly reflected who she is. There is nothing like a blank canvas to unleash those home decor ideas.

And unleash she did and constructed the most unique window treatment I have ever seen. The curtain for her kitchen window is constructed from 225 of her grandfather’s photo slides, which I think is fantastic way to not only honor her grandfather but is so in keeping with her own photography skills. It required a fair deal of patience to make, but the end result is fantastic!

Check out her blog for full instructions on how she made it

Check out more of Deb’s photographs and adventures

Thanks so much for letting me share your creative project Deb!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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