Swirly Spiral Watercolor Pattern

I get such positive feedback from my readers on my creations I though it was a good idea to “share the love”

Remember this watercolor painting?

watercolor spiral painting

Well, I turned it into a repeating pattern and it is now available for purchase as just simple framed art or everything from a case for your phone, a throw pillow, socks and even a dress, in fact 47 products in total!

You can see the whole product range HERE but below are some of my favorites – click on each picture to go to the product page.

Shop all Swirly Spiral Watercolor Products

The prices are actually incredibly reasonable. For example the phone cases start at $15 and the throw pillow cover is just over $20 – I couldn’t go make a throw pillow cover for that price by the time I’d bought the fabric, zip and thread!

I am in the process of adding a ton of designs to this platform…too many to share today but you can check out my profile HERE.


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