Abstract Art with Some Weird Inspiration

I moved the the USA from the UK many years ago and as you can imagine your senses get bombarded with different things when moving to a new country. Everything is different from the cars on the road, to the scale of the houses. Even a trip around a supermarket is odd but what I do remember is my shock at seeing brightly colored cakes covered in food color laden frosting ( or icing as us Brits call it). Artificial food coloring is rather frowned on over there but here it’s perfectly OK to gobble up a blue cake with neon orange blobs! I always imagined that those colors are going to make your intestines the colors of the rainbow …weirdly enough it was this thought that was going through my head when I started this piece.

I am a little odd…I know!

I like the three dimension quality… even if it looks like intestines that are full of rainbow cake. Yikes!


Love from

Creative in Chicago


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