Fun with a Geometric Stencil

Over the summer, the kind people over at Stencil Revolution let me pick out a couple of their stencils to play around with. What with moving house and all that entails, I have only now got around to dabbling with them.

I picked out two wall stencils (here and here) with the thought of not using them on the walls but creating art pieces with them.


So far I have concentrated on the geometric one which has proved to be incredibly versatile and fun and I have produced four distinct looks from it!

The first piece I created was a multi-color one where I used green and orange tones of acrylic paint and overlaid some of the segments with a metallic finish which created a nice dimensional effect..

stencil art
diy artwork

I really liked the metallic effect and created a whole sheet with just gold metallic acrylic paint and them made greeting cards with the print. I used a metallic sharpy to add a simple dotted line in the white space for a little extra interest. The cards were simply made using rectangles of the print mounted on folded stiff card-stock.

stencil greeting card design

In both of these projects I applied the paint using a standard stencil brush but for the next 2 ideas I used the stencil as a template to create the design on blank paper.

In this one I drew the design onto thick watercolor paper, outlining each shape with watercolor paint  then flooding with water. The effect is soft and lovely.

water color stencil design
watercolor stencil art

My last piece was a little more involved and required a few stages. For this one I used water soluble water color pencils.

stencil art

Here are the steps I followed.

Who knew a simple stencil could produce so many looks!

Stencil revolution has so many stencils to choose from the design opportunities are endless.

Love from

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