Free Pennsylvania Poster Art

My 20 months living in Pennsylvania were amazing. Being surrounded by such beautiful countryside and having the opportunity for so many adventures into nature was truly liberating. Moving back to Chicago has been hard, despite the name of this website I am not a city girl and am missing the tranquility of PA enormously! But what is a girl to do? Well if I can’t be in PA I am going to bring a little bit of PA here.

Powered with that thought I created a set of Pennsylvania themed posters which are sitting on my desk right now waiting to be framed and hung on the wall. And they are FREE to download for all you people who love the outdoors and would prefer to out having an adventure than sitting in front of a computer screen. Simply click on each image to open a high resolution pdf which you can download and print at your leisure.

Mr Chicago and I plan to return to PA permanently … after living all over the world, we have found our place.


Love from

Creative in Chicago


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