Inktense Pencil Abstract Art

Undeterred by my recent Epic Art Fail recently, I have continued dabbling around with colored pencils and Facebook fans will have seen a quick peek of this work in progress last week.

It got finished yesterday

inktense pencil abstract art

Mr Chicago house said he loved it and it looked like a tongue coming out of an ear! hahahha

I used Inktense pencils and a burnishing technique to achieve the vibrancy of color

Burnishing is done right at the end which helps blend everything together and results in a shiny appearance which you can just about make out below. After that it is not really possible to add any more pigment to the piece.

I did this drawing in a sketch pad, which is probably not the ideal paper for colored pencils but I have just treated myself to a paper specifically designed for this medium. Can’t wait to have a go!


Love from

Creative in Chicago (now living in Pennsylvania)


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