Epic Art Fail

There is something about tempestuous weather that makes me super creative …weird I know. So when a violent thunderstorm rolled in one afternoon this week there I was sitting with my box of pencils doodling away. It got really quite dark but I did not want to interrupt my creative flow by standing up to turn on the light. I wish I had now.

Initially I was pretty pleased with my piece, a fluid abstract. Here it is just before I was about to burnish it – a technique to smooth everything out.

But on closer inspection I was dismayed to see a cartoon figure ghosting the page.

It was caused by indentations form a drawing I had done on the proceeding page of my sketch book.

I had outlined this little dude in ballpoint pen before scanning and turning into digital artwork for a fun web call Secret Messages for Kids

I abandoned the burnishing


Love from

Creative in Chicago (now living in Pennsylvania)



4 thoughts on “Epic Art Fail

  1. Don’t give up! You are creative and I’m sure you can come up with a solution!
    How about lightly ironing it on the backside on a hard surface with no steam?
    Since you’ve given up, dirt of, you can try anything. You’ll have lost nothing, right?
    Good luck!

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