Coastal Decor – Rugs, Pillows and Throws

My coastal themed home office has been in need of some new door mats for quite some time now but I generally don’t like shopping, so it has been one of those things that I have put off.

However I recently came across and was thrilled to see they have a whole section dedicated to coastal decor.. I went to town and did some shopping!


I bought a pair of these coastal tide rugs for the two entrance doorways, they really finish the room off far better than the scruffy old ones I had before!



Pleased with my success I took a look at their accessories where I found this gorgeously soft throw and lovely stripy pillow. The throw has been a huge hit with Miss Chicago teen who can be found most evening snuggled up on the sofa under it – it is light enough for a cool summer evening.


I also have a huge outdoor rug on back order which I will share as soon as it arrives!


Creative in Chicago


2 thoughts on “Coastal Decor – Rugs, Pillows and Throws

  1. My husband and I have just gotten back from a trip to Spain decided to transform our home d├ęcor. I was having a hard time figuring where to start, until I saw this post. I loved the coastal tide rug! You whole blog is awesome!

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