Shibori Tie Dying Loveliness!

Today I am sporting blue fingers, it is worth it! The culprit … dabbling with Shibori- tie dying with natural indigo. I bought this kit back in January and having been waiting for a warm day ever since to give it a whirl…this is not an indoors project in my books!indigo shibori tye dye


I cut up a load of my husband’s undershirts that had seen better days and got going with some fancy folding and elastic bands to create a bundle of samples…. I will be sharing exactly how a made each one in a post later this week. ( see here)

shibori folding techniques

Then I mixed up the dye



and started dipping


The interesting thing is that the the pieces come out of the dye vat green and slowly turn indigo when exposed to oxygen


Here are all my samples after the first of two dips.


Opening them up was like unwrapping a Christmas present…I wasn’t sure just what I was going to get!





The dye lasts a few days and is currently sitting in the garden waiting while I scour my house for more things I can dye. I think my fingers are going to be blue all week!


Can’t be bothered to make your own but love the look? I turned my designs into repeating fabric currently for sale in my spoonflower shop

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