Driftwood Pot Tutorial

While having a Spring clean of my garage last week I came across a bag of driftwood scraps from projects like my driftwood seahorse and pair of driftwood fish. There is nothing like a bag of junk to get the old creative juices flowing …just look what I conjured up!

How to make a driftwood pot

You will need

  • A large empty yogurt pot
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sponge brush
  • Scraps of driftwood…although any twigs would work
  • Hot glue gun



Start by painting your pot. I used a brown acrylic paint and gave my pot a few coats dotting rather than brushing it on. As you can see you don’t have to be too fussy about getting everything covered up.


Sort out driftwood pieces slightly taller than your pot. You can use a little hacksaw to trim them up a bit if your pieces are too long.


Then simply glue them onto your pot working your way around.


Then plop a pretty green house plant in and hey presto, a beautiful driftwood pot.

driftwood-pot-1 drift-wood-pot-9 drift-wood-pot-7


Love from

Creative in Chicago


5 thoughts on “Driftwood Pot Tutorial

  1. What an easy cute way to make an eye catching vase! I just started to work with drift wood on a serious level. I live in okla where I have it literally in my back yard. I have always loved the pieces I would drag home from the lake or creeks, but i didn’t know what I was ever gonna do with the stuff. When I told my boys I want to make driftwood art I had no idea it was a thing until I got on pintrest!! I’m gonna do this today. I have so many neat pierces. I love this idea. Thank you. Hopefully I will be posting my own ideas with my driftwood on here soon.

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