Zentangle, the New Name for Doodling

Dear Chicago House,

It appears doodling has a hip new name, all these years I thought I was just doodling, but no . Apparently I have been Zentangling. How bizarre is that. What’s more you can now take a class and learn how to Zentangle….err excuse me for being a cynic but why would you pay to take a class in something so basic. There are even certified Zentangle teachers out there!

OK let the ranting cease and lets take a look at a one of my latest doodles.

Here is a close-up

zentangle doodle

and panning out here it is in its entirety

zentangle doodle

a little more detail

zentangle doodle

It actually is a very relaxing thing to do so I can understand when the “zen” part comes from.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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