Organic Berry Picking

Dear Chicago House,

Miss Chicago house LOVES fruit and berries, no matter what sort, are her favorite.

organic raspberries

A few days ago we visited a lovely little organic raspberry farm (Grace Farm Studio) just outside Woodstock IL (the town famous as the setting for the film Ground Hog Day).

We met with the farmer, Mike, and after a tour and instructions on the best berries to pick, he set us loose to pick and eat as many raspberries as we liked. Heaven!

organic raspberries

These raspberries were sumptuous and I loved the fact they were organically cultivated.

But these are not the only organic fruit we have harvested this summer.

On a welsh hillside (in a location I am going to keep hidden) is a spectacular, completely natural,  crop of blueberries or windberries as they are know locally. They are about as organic as you can get and totally free for the picking! Yum.

Now I feel the need to make some sort of pie coming on!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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