Creative Fun at the Beach

Dear Chicago House,

It is no secret I love the beach, but I am not one to just sit there and do nothing, I get bored! This inability to sit still and “veg” out appears to be genetic. During a beach visit last week, while on holiday with my family, a whole host of creative endeavors were undertaken.

Ideas for Creative Fun at the Beach

Sand Modeling

Don’t limit yourself to a sandcastle. Use sand to sculpt whatever takes your fancy like this happy smiley fish.


Get Creative with your Camera

While beach panoramas can be stunning

have a go a getting some close-ups. Isn’t this beach holly wonderful.

and try photographing landscapes while lying on the ground to capture interesting forna.


The beach is your canvas, take a stick and start doodling.


There is nothing like an open expanse of sand to inspire Miss Chicago Teen to break into dance. Oooh to be that supple!

love from

Creative in Chicago


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