How to Make a Zen Doodle Coaster

Dear Chicago House,

I have really been into doodling recently (check out some of my creations) and my pot of Sharpies has sat on my desk ever since I created this fabric. It was only a matter of time that the two met!

Check out these fun Zen doodle coasters.

doodle coasters
zen doodle coasters

Simple to make’s how.

How to create Zen Doodle Coasters

What you need

  • Plain white tiles with a smooth finish ( I was lucky enough to have a whole box of these left behind by the previous owner of my house)
  • Sharpie markers- darker colors work best
  • Imagination!

Start by creating a simple swirl design

how to make a zen doodle coasters

The simple add a different doodle to the zones created by the swirl design. To get some inspiration for doodle designs try checking out my zentangle doodle pinterest board.

Here is a tile all doodled up

zen doodle coaster design

To fix the ink bake the tiles for 30min in a 350 deg F oven

purple zen doodle coaster design
zen doodle coasters

No more coffee rings on my table!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Zen Doodle Coaster

  1. I got started doing Zentangle 10-28-14 in a class at the Milwaukee Art Museum & we also did Polymer Patterned Pens I also do Leather tooling

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