Dabbling in Water Soluble Oil Paints

Dear Chicago House,

Today the sun is shining and the snow is melting. I can at last see some of my front lawn…it maybe brown and rather disgusting looking but it’s a start and I am going to take it.

One of the things I have been dabbling with  during this miserably cold winter are water soluble oil paints, and this past weekend I completed my first canvas.

Here is a close up

oil painting of birds on sea shore

and the entire composition of three sea birds on a Florida beach. It helped me to paint something that brought back warm sunny memories while dealing with “The Mother” of all winters!

oil painting of birds on sea shore

I have never taken any art classes so Miss Chicago Teen has been giving me a few pointers.
She even joined me for a few of my painting sessions and is painting a much larger canvas.

miss chicago teen painting in oils


Painting along side her was a bit intimidating as she can literally throw the paint on the canvas and it looks good.  I promise to share it when it’s finnished.
We both painted from photographs and used our ipads to display them.
oil painting of birds on sea shore

One of the most useful tips she gave me was to pick a neutral color and paint all the shadows in first. In photo above the far right bird is just rendered mostly in blue and this concept can be seen even more clearly in the lover two thirds of Miss Chicago teens painting.

miss Chicago teen painting in oils

I am excited to break out another canvas and continue with my dabbling!

water soluable oil paints

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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