Getting Creative with Pebbles.

Dear Chicago House,

The post I recent ran about getting creative with string went crazy with visits, so I thought today I’d do another round up …this time getting Creative with Pebbles

Living on the west side of Lake Michigan means we are not as blessed with the sandy beaches found on the east side. However there is an abundance of beautifully smooth pebbles just begging for some creative action.

Strawberry Stones

Almost good enough to eat, right?

Paint a few of these and put them in your strawberry patch. The birds will take a bite and never return. Full instruction on how to paint HERE

Paper Weight  

You will need a fist sized smooth stone to mane this funky paper weight. Miss teen wrote a detailed blog post on how to paint this HERE

Wall Art

There is something beautiful and zen about a simple shadow box and pebbles

Pebble + Sharpie = Magic

This would be a great craft project for a kids party



Creative in Chicago


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