Unique Wooden Bird Feeder

Dear Chicago House,

I am. by nature, an optimistic person. I want to believe that Spring is right around the corner and I will soon be enjoying the hundreds of bulbs I planted in the fall and keeping my fingers crossed that one ones I planted in previous years, survived the wrath of the polar vortex.

I am so ready to get outside and start enjoying a bit of gardening and am currently  drawn to anything outdoorsy. In a farm shop I visited the other day I found these treasures… bird shaped bird feeders

bird feeder

The bird’s body gets filled with seeds and it is delivered on the white tray underneath.

bird feeder
bird feeder

This lovely yellow one was my favorite and I would have bought one but I feared the shape of it would give the squirrels that plague my garden, too easy an access …despite using a baffle.

bird feeder

Sweet though!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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7 thoughts on “Unique Wooden Bird Feeder

    1. I bought patterns for a blue jay and a cardinal from winfieldcollection.com it’s very similar to these but a lot nicer

    1. I don’t have a pattern for these feeders. They were hanging in a farm shop your outside Lancaster PA. I do know they were Amish made

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