DIY Christmas Bird Ornament

Dear Chicago House,

I have been making a few of these sweet little birds

and they  decorate a garland I have wrapped around my banister… for now that is. I will be sharing very soon another very creative use for these pretty felt Christmas ornaments.

felt bird garland


If you’d like to make some here is how

Tutorial for DIY Christmas Ornament

You will need

  • Bird template-download here
  • Felt
  • Sequins
  • Small dark beads
  • Stuffing/padding
  • Needle, thread, pins, scissors

What you do

  1. Print and cut out bird tempate
  2. Pin template on felt and cutout bird shapes. I used 3 different colors of felt- red, white and green
  3. Sew about 5-8 (depending on size) sequins on bird to represent a wing.
  4. Add a small bead for the eye
  5. Place two bird shapes together and blanket stitch around stopping with an about inch to go.
  6. Stuff in a little padding and finish up with blanket stitch
  7. Top off with a simple thread for hanging.
diy felt christmas birdDIY felt christmas bird


Any guesses for how I am planning on using these birds?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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