A Unique Christmas Card to Make

Dear Chicago House,

Remember those little felt birds I shared with you last week?

felt christmas birds

…I mentioned I had further plans for them.

When I started making them I thought they would be a great little addition to slip inside my Christmas cards – small and light enough not to blow the postage bank and a little bit of fun.

Then I got thinking … why not make them a focus of the card, and that meant designing a custom Christmas card. Considering I am a professional graphic designer this is something I have done before for clients but never for myself.

So I cracked open Adobe Illustrator and got to work. An hour or so later I had my design created and uploaded to Vistaprint for professional printing.

And here it is back in record time from the printer…I didn’t even pay for a rush job and got the card in just 4 days!

I am really happy with how it turned out, a clean contemporary design that looks good “as is” … but now for the clever bit.
The large red bird is exactly the same size as the birds I made. They are attached with a looped thread which is held down with a festive sticker inside the card and a little message to “remove and hang on your tree”


If you’d like to make thisĀ  drop me a line and I will send you the card design (personal use only) …because I am nice like that! The tutorial to make the birds is here

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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10 thoughts on “A Unique Christmas Card to Make

  1. Are you still offering your Christmas Card? I think it is so beautiful.. The cardinal was my Mom’s favorite bird. This would be a most perfect card to send to my family and friends this year in her honor. Thank you for your consideration.

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