Arty Farty Friday #29 A Quick Art Lesson

Dear Chicago House,

I love the transparent effects you can get when painting with watercolors.

This painting is like translucent pebbles on a light box and is today’s piece for arty farty Friday.

arty farty friday

and is so easy to paint.

Here is what you need


What you do

  1. Select any color, I mixed up a blue/black as I wanted my effect to look like pebbles. If you mix a color make sure you mix quite a bit of it.
  2. With a moist brush pick up up some of your colour and paint the outline of a simple shape on your paper, then fill it in. I used random blobs.
  3. Paint more shapes on your paper but do not overlap any of the shapes you have already created.
  4. When a shape is dry it is safe to overlap- it really doesn’t take very long for the paint to dry…my painting was done in a single sitting and took about 20minutes.


Love from

Creative in Chicago


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