I have been in detox

Dear Chicago House,

Things have been a little quite on the blog front recently.

I have been in “Digital Detox” .

No blogging, no Facebook, no Pinterest, no commenting, no email, no Google, no tweeting,  no reading blogs. I  even missed an Arty Farty Friday post and that was on a run of 21 weeks. Now considering my profession (I am a web and graphic designer) this is not an easy feat to pull off.

The answer …getting out of Chicago and heading to the coast. No computer and a phone that stayed off. A warm ocean, sandy toes, key lime pie, shell hunting, bird watching and watching the sun set. And, oh my, it was so liberating, I could hardly bear to boot up my computer when I returned to deal with an inbox that was overflowing.

But it had to be done and now my digital detox is over my creative juices have been recharged. When I have cleared my back log of work I have loads of ideas to share, but today I only have a little piece of tranquility.

digital detox

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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