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I haven’t written in a while, but I finally found it in me to sit down at the computer.

Recently we received a pair of free sunglasses from in exchange for a review. It didn’t take long to choose my pair, as the website doesn’t offer a wide variety of sunglasses. In the end I selected a pair of dark pink full frame wrap around shades, and they arrived about a week ago, but blame me for the procrastination of the review.

I was quite impressed by the variety of maintenance items that accompanied my new sunglasses upon arrival, including a hard and soft case, cleaning cloth, extra screws, and a miniature screwdriver key chain. But that’s not really what matters is it? The sunglasses are okay…they look good on, but I found the plastic frames to be quite cheap for a pricey $42.00 that you would pay. This website is more for a glasses wearer, providing the lense choices they need. However this is wasted on me because I don’t wear glasses.

Here’s the link to the website if you’re curious

…And here’s the link the my sunglasses

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