Mr Chicago House Scores 10/10 Husband Points: Arty Farty Friday #22

Dear Chicago House,

Last weekend Mr Chicago house said he had something to tell me

…but he didn’t know if he should.

For a split second my mind immediately jumped to all sorts of scenarios… he had a French mistress… or a lovechild …he’d just smashed up my car…or lost his job.

But no, nothing quite as dramatic, thank goodness.

On his way home from the gym he had passed an Art Show …I love art shows, he hates art shows. He knew if he told me I would want to go and I would want him to come with me. He was not wrong.

10/10 husband points …we went to the show.

Now this was a great little show, not one of those sprawling monsters where you become so saturated with art you can’t be bother to look any more.

So today lets turn Arty Farty Friday over to the Lincolnshire Art Show

My favorite artist was Jennifer Ardolino. Her booth was an exuberance of color …right up my street.

Excuse my reflection in this close up

Inspiring stuff …makes me want to crack open the old paints again.

My vote for wackiest item went to these metal sculptures (any guesses who the guy in the red shirt is?)

andย  my phone doodles may just take on another form after seeing this.

Thank you Mr Chicago house for telling me something you didn’t think you should.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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