Night Sky Watercolor Paintings

Ohhh now here is a fun watercolor project. These painting have been sat on a shelf for ages and I though it was about time I shared them with you. I wish I had photographed all the steps I went through in creating them but I was sort of in the moment and picking up a camera and documenting the progress quite often is the last thing on my mind!

watercolor galaxy- painting

How to paint a night sky watercolor

  1. Start by taping down a piece of watercolor paper on a stiff board with low tack tape- I used that blue decorators tape
  2. Wet the entire area of your paper with a brush
  3. Apply a wash of watercolor over the paper varying the colors and intensity.
  5. Add some random cloud shapes using blues, purples and blacks
  6. While the paint is wet sprinkle with salt. This produces some nice texture effects.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you are happy with the look
  9. Finally add star splattering using a tiny dab of white acrylic paint on a dry brush and flick it all over the painting

So one of the reasons these painting have surfaced this week is that I have just used them to create a seamless repeat pattern for fabrics and the like.

I have called it Space Dust

It is currently for sale on lots of different product on Redbubble

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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