Halloween 2020

I am not quite sure what Halloween will hold this year but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get in the spirit of things!

Halloween Face Masks

Have a bit of fun with your face mask… who wants to wear a boring solid color one, when you can embrace fun dangling spiders or a creepy haunted Halloween scene

Halloween Home Decor

Add some seasonal pops to your home.

Some simple twigs, a handful of glittery pumpkins and a crow painting can jazz up your entryway.

The crow painting was super easy to do. I simply did a watercolor wash of orange and brown paint on some thick watercolor paper and sprinkled a little salt on it while it was wet…this gives a nice random texture. The crow was cut from black paper and roughly glued in place.

To make it even easier for you I have a crow you can download and simply print out.


Pop everything in a frame and bobs your uncle!

Chuck a few seasonal throw pillows around and if you just switch out covers on your existing pillows you are not going to break the bank . This one is only $20 from Redbubble

Spooky Haunted Halloween Throw Pillow

The Spooky Halloween Haunts design is also available as a fabric over at Spoonflower.

Halloween Crafts

Get creative with Paper, wood and pumpkins!

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