Cat Pattern Fabric

For the last few months I have been keeping myself entertained/busy/sane by entering weekly Spoonflower pattern design challenges. I have to say in that time I have been pretty successful. I won one of the challenges and have placed in the top 10 three times, here, here and here. These challenges draw anywhere from 600 to 1000 designs.

Every week the design prompt is different and the ideas that are presented are amazing. No matter what the prompt there is always a design that features cats … what is it about cats and fabric?

I am dog more that a cat person but I gave myself a personal challenge … create a cat pattern.

And this is what I came up with “Cats Cats Cats Cats Blue Speckled” Big cats, medium cats, small cats and tiny cats. It is a blue speckled cat universe.

It can be purchased as a fabric or all sorts of ready made products. I particularly like it made up as a face mask

cat fabric face mask

it also looks fab as a throw pillow

cat fabric throw pillow

And how about a bit of fun at your dinner table with cat napkins

Interested in more of my pattern designs? Check out my surface design portfolio .

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Creative in Chicago


One thought on “Cat Pattern Fabric

  1. Great + fun design! Loving this pattern + colors. I love animals…even tho I am a huge dog lover I am caring for a stray kitten. I prefer females but this little cutie is a guy…def will find him a good home. No pets currently…I’m afraid to take a chance with another dog due to my physical disabilities…some days I can barely walk to the bathroom w/o my cane. I know my life would be more fulfilling with a fur baby but don’t want her to not get all the attention + exercise she may need. Anyway…somehow feeding + loving on the baby is a great temporary fix!

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