Blue Pine Cone Wreath

I really love using natural materials to create beautiful things and this blue pine cone wreath was made entirely of stuff I had collected during one of my volunteer sessions at a local forest preserve. The whole thing cost me $0

You can’t beat nature in providing such stunning supplies!

How to make a Christmas Wreath

You will need

  • Grape vine base – bought or you can easily make your own
  • Pine cones
  • Paint
  • Floral wire
  • Greenery

If you plan on using your wreath as an indoors decoration I would recommend treating the pine cones so all creepy crawlies and other nasties are dealt with. This simply means “baking” the pine cones for about an hour at 200 deg F.

baking pine cones

Break open the paints and paint the cones, I used various blues, whites glitter paint and also some metallics – they were all acrylic paints. Prepare to paint your fingers too!

blue painted pine cones
blue painted pine cones

There was nothing particularly neat about my painting job!

If you are using a store bought base you are good to go. My base was made using grape vine which I twisted into a circle.

grapevine wreath

Then use floral wire to attached the cones around the vine wreath.

blue pine cone wreath

A single layer of cones is all you need.

blue pine cone wreath

By all means stop at this point! – I really loved the simplicity of the wreath against a dark door and did contemplate the project being complete. But I already had my greenery stashed in the garage so I thought I’d press on.

Simply snip off short strand of greenery, I used trimmings from pine trees but really you can use any sort of evergreen here. Shove them into the grapevine, no need for floral wire as it is easy to bend the stems and work them into the structure so they are quite secure.

Pop on a wreath hanger and display on a door!

blue pine cone wreath
blue pine cone wreath

Love from

Creative in Chicago


4 thoughts on “Blue Pine Cone Wreath

  1. This wreath is lovely. I particularly like the different hues of blue on the pinecones. This wreath could easily be used throughout the Winter!

  2. I painted the wreath itself, blue.
    Now I’m thinking painting the cones other blues or should I paint white.
    I’m the wreath is Robin egg blue. I want it to look Christmasy.

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