Watercolor Pattern Abstract Art

I have been sorting out my art junk recently and have amassed quite a collection of watercolors patterns and abstracts. Some I have framed but most enjoy sitting is a dark cupboard – ha ha!

Painting is a relaxing pastime for me and I generally start with a blank piece of paper and just get cracking with the paint, no pre-drawing. As with the color pencil abstracts I shared recently, I am not sure what this collection says about the state of my mind but who cares! It does look like though, that tessellation is my thing.

It is a bit of a shame that most of them just sit in storage, I am half tempted to give them away…what do you think?


Love from

Creative in Chicago


6 thoughts on “Watercolor Pattern Abstract Art

    1. Hi Edith,

      I think I am going to do a random drawing to win a painting in the future … will keep you posted!

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