Painted Wood Geode

It seems that my most popular projects on this blog are those that I have created literally from trash. Take Sally the Seahorse constructed from scraps of driftwood collected on the shores of Lake Michigan or these paper orbs made from old cereal packets. These two projects are in my top ten most viewed pages and proof that you don’t need a massive budget or be a frequent flyer to craft stores to create truly beautiful things to decorate your home. All you need is a little bit of creativity and the ability to see potential in almost anything.

So when I found this little wedge of wood my mind started whirring.

raw wood wedge

I actually contemplated doing nothing with it at all, just sitting it on a shelf and letting it’s shape do the talking. But on a rainy cold day (we have had lots of these recently) and at somewhat of a loose end, I caved and added some color. In my head I was going for a geode look.

I used drawing inks, which acted like wood stains and acrylic paints, and roughly followed the ring pattern adding bands of color. To soften the effect I ran the entire piece under a running tap and used a lint free cloth to gently scrub away the color.

geode painted wood
geode on wood
painted geode wood
painted wood geode

Not sure it really ended up looking like a geode but I am a sucked for blue and white things so no harm done!


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Creative in Chicago


4 thoughts on “Painted Wood Geode

  1. This is so creative and beautiful! Your ideas are so unique and you spark creativity in a positive way.
    Thank you for sharing your talents with others.

  2. I actually had the same idea and came online looking to see some ideas and yours was the only one I found! I had already painted myself a smaller wedge into a lemon wedge, as an out of work bartender this was the natural first idea. My fiance was out fishing and came across a larger wedge and brought it home to me to see it I wanted to paint it. I almost painted it like a watermelon but when I realized I had an excess of glitter from Easter crafts I had a the idea for a Geode. Mine is similar to yours only the middle is purple and covered in super fine silver glitter. Just wanted to share and I enjoyed seeing yours!

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