Decorated Vacation Shells

It is Spring break season and I am just back from a glorious week in Florida. To be away from the freezing winter we have had here in Chicago this year was such a treat. Lazy days by the pool, toes in the sand and no vacation at the beach is complete without searching for shells. I returned with quite a haul! If you too are back from vacation and are looking to do something creative with the shells you collected then try this easy little craft project.

You will need

  • Colored markers – Sharpies work best but to be honest any colored marker will work
  • Plain shells – ones with a smooth surface work best

Then basically unleash your creative self and start decorating your shells with random patterns. I decided to limit my color palette to blues and greens ( no surprise there!)

decorated shells

and my patterns consisted of circles, lines and tiny dots

decorated shells
decorated shells
decorated shells

It was such a relaxing process and gave all those shells I had collected a little bit more love.

decorated shells

Oh, and by the way, take a peak at the background of all these photos. I photographed the shells on my newly refinished kitchen table which now looks like driftwood.

I will be sharing a full tutorial on that soon!


Love from

Creative in Chicago


5 thoughts on “Decorated Vacation Shells

  1. They are so beautiful, I collected some lovely shells from South Africa and can’t wait to start.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Regards sheila

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