Water Blur Art

The summer brings with it all sorts of art shows and I have a sort of love hate relationship with them. So much of the stuff for sale is what Mr Creative in Chicago classes as “crap no one needs”, and I have to say I agree with him. I very rarely buy anything but I do like wandering around them looking for inspiration for my next creative endeavor.

I recently went to an Art Show¬† just outside Chicago and was inspired to fire up Photoshop having seen some blurry digital art, balked at the $250+ price tag, and thought… “I can do that! ” What’s more I could create pieces in a color scheme that pleased me and theme them so they would look great as a set hung on the wall or just as fabulous as individual pieces. I am pretty happy with what my pixeling away produced, they all convey water and would be perfect as contemporary art pieces in a coastal decor style room.

Because I am nice there is no $250 price tag, I am offering them to you for FREE. Just click on the image to download and print away. Each design is just over 18″ square.

Download full size version

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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