Springtime in Pennsylvania

Tut,tut. I have neglected this blog as of late. Put it down to work overload, house hunting, purchase and moving … more on that another day!

Yesterday and sun was shining, the birds were singing and I had cleared my slate enough, to step away from my computer and be able to indulge in a day in the wilds of Pennsylvania. I packed a lunch, my big camera and set off on my adventure.  Being self employed means I have the luxury to siege the day and escape when the weather is good and have found real solitude hiking by myself.  I can go at my own pace, stop to capture the beauty around me whenever and meander down whatever trail takes my fancy. A tube of pepper spray, a fully charged cell phone are a must… just in case things go pear shaped!

I drove through stunning countryside peppered with barns and roadside flowers .. how can you call dandelions weeds!


and arrived at Reed Run a trail on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Spring time was all around

fern spiral

and you couldn’t beat this lunchtime view.

It’s chucking it down with rain today. so glad I took the change to go out yesterday!

Love from

Creative in Chicago ( still in Pennsylvania!)



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