DIY Watercolor Heart Garland

Here is an “easy as pie” pretty heart garland you can make for Valentines Day. No skill required!

You will need

  • A sheet of thick watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint and a brush
  • Heart Template ( download here)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • String or yarn

Start by  blobbing watery pink paint on one side of your paper and when that has dried do the other side. No skill required here just pop that paint on. I did short strokes on my first side and then basically covered the other side. Don’t be concerned if the paper curls a bit. It will flatten out as it dries

watercolor pink

Once dry take your heart template and use it to mark out heart shapes.Lay them out as shown to maximize the use of your paper.

heart garland layout

Then carefully cut out each heart, aren’t they pretty!

heart watercolor

Then taking a pair of hearts snip down towards the center on one and up towards the center on the other.

heart craft

Then slot the two together at 90deg (my index finger looks like an uncooked sausage! hahha)

3d heart craft

Repeat for each pair of hearts.

Fire up the hot glue gin and run a tiny line of glue where the two hearts intersect and secure the string.

3d heart craft

I left about 2″ between each heart.

valentine heart garland

valentine heart garland

valentine heart garland

valentine heart garlnad


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