Watercolor Spiral Pattern

I have taken a break from my INKtense colored pencils this week and cracked open my watercolor palette. This spiral pattern was fun to paint and I am wondering whether to turn it into a fabric design to sell in my Spoonflower shop. I will need to scan it and modify it to create a seamless repeating pattern but I think it would make a lovely fabric for a duvet cover or throw pillow. What do you think, is it worth the effort? [ YES IT WAS! – check out a whole range of products that use this design Here ]

watercolor spiral

I used a similar blue and green color scheme for a set of artwork I produced that was hanging in my Chicago house dining room here and here

watercolor spiral

Interested in this pattern – SHOP HERE for everything from framed art, duvet covers and phone cases that use this design

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  1. Awesome Reviews…! I like your Watercolor Spiral Pattern art tips and ideas. This is very unique designs feel so good. I love your Post. You are so creative.
    Thanks for sharing your Post.

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