Floral Action

A little Chicago  heat and my garden has gone berserk! When I saw my purple clematis had popped open overnight I was drawn to grab my camera and do a quick swing around my flower beds.

My garden has a mixture of shady  and sunny areas.

In the shade these delicate bleeding hearts flourish


and thanks to my home made deer repellent  my hostas remain intact and munch free.


I split and moved a sad purple iris a few years ago that was struggling to grow in deep shade. I have these gorgeous purple buds popping up all over the place now.



and who doesn’t love a few strategically placed garden containers.



On my quick tour I noticed a gazillion of weeds that need dealing with so I am off out to get a bit of dirt under my fingernails!

Love from

Creative in Chicago




4 thoughts on “Floral Action

  1. It is known that deer do not like or eat bleeding heart, so I’m not surprised on that. What I am curious is the hosta. I followed your recipe and hope it works. Tired of having it eaten every year. I’m at the point to where I am going to dig it up and plant something else. Hopefully, it’s a success and I can start enjoying it again.

    1. It has worked so well for me so hopefully it will be the same for you. Make sure you re-apply after heavy rain!

  2. Yes I’m going to try it also I’m tired of the deers not only my hostas but my veggies.
    I won’t spray my veggies but around them. This is why they are so strong they eat a lot of GREENS…..

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