How to Make a Pillow Gift Box

Dear Chicago House,

Oh my goodness it has been a cold week here in Chicago, it was 6 deg F when I got up this morning,  but at least we are snow free…so far!

But enough moaning.

How about making some sweet little pillow boxes …perfect for simply wrapping little trinkets.

homemade pillow giftbox

What you will need

  • Pretty paper, scrap book paper works really well
  • Our Free template or something circular like a saucer
  • sharp pin
  • pencil
  • scissors
homemade pillow giftbox

To create the basic shape either download our free template and print directly onto the back of your paper.

or draw your own. Start by using your circular object to create the following pattern

homemade pillow giftbox
homemade pillow giftbox

Once you have the shape on your paper use the pin score gently along the lines you have created. This helps to create crisp folds.

homemade pillow giftbox

Fold along the scored lines and hey presto you have a little box. Fill with fun presents and tie together with a little ribbon.

homemade pillow giftbox
homemade pillow giftbox

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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