Driftwood Fish Tutorial

Dear Chicago House,

After Sally the Seahorse had her 15 minutes of fame on an episode of “unlivable” on the FYI network a few weeks ago, I was inspired to once again dabble with my stash of lake Michigan driftwood.

This time I have created  a driftwood fish

driftwood fish

Well actaully that’s incorrect,  I have made a pair a sweet pair of driftwood fish … let call them Freddie and Felix.

driftwood fish

and they are oh-so-easy to make and make a great decorative accent to any beach or coastal themed room.

You will need

  • A selection of driftwood…or any sort of sticks really
  • Cardboard – I used the cardboard from an old Amazon box
  • Hot glue gun

Start by sketching out a general fishy shape on your cardboard. You don’t have to be detailed at all for this. Cut out your shape.

how to make a driftwood fish

Start laying your driftwood on your fishy shape, it helps if the wood slightly overlaps your shape. Once you are happy with how everything is looking fire up your glue gun and stick away.

I added an eye to each of my fish ..it was a old cork I picked up when collecting my driftwood.


Love from

Creative in Chicago


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12 thoughts on “Driftwood Fish Tutorial

  1. I found the fish! These are lovely .. am not quite sure I can find driftwood here.. but the idea is great and I could try with some other material .. hmmm

    1. Hi Bev,
      A couple of little eyelet screws on the back will allow you to tie a bit of string between them.
      Send me a photo!

  2. Hi Zoe! I cant seem to find a way to Pin this on my Pinterest mood board. I went to your pinterest site and its just your patterns (which are amazing of course). Help?

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