Seahorse Art: Different Mediums

Dear Chicago House,

Am I a little bit obsessed with seahorses? I didn’t think so but maybe I am, as when I was browsing through this blog the other day I realized I  have three different pieces of art that feature this most wonderful of underwater creatures.

What’s more the three pieces are all made with different mediums…who says art should be restricted to paint and paper… but is was where I started, with this watercolor

seahorse art -watercolor
seahorse art

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My next adventure was with driftwood collected on the shores of Lake Michigan and I even shared how you can make a beautiful piece of driftwood art yourself in this post

seahorse art- driftwood

My final creation is long gone, washed away by a New Years tide on a Florida beach, and made simply from shells.

seahorse art- shell

I sure my adventures with seahorses are not over…who knows what I will use to create one next?

Love from

Creative in Chicago

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2 thoughts on “Seahorse Art: Different Mediums

  1. NO rest assured, 3 of any item is not an obsession your fine up to, OH maybe 103 then perhaps, show concern!
    I liked both your pebbly and driftwoody seahorses very much when youd posted them before and this watercolour one is so lovely!
    It would be superb on a fabric dont you think? Is it Spoonflower over your side of the world that makes drawings up into fabric for folks?
    Maybe you should try painting it in fabric paints next, see, another medium so a perfectly natural 'next step' – whats not to like!

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