Creative Picture Journaling: How to

Dear Chicago House,

Over a year ago I started a sketch journal. At the end of each day I sketch out a series of simple pictures that capture my day. Mr Chicago house and Miss Chicago teen enjoy seeing what I draw … particularly if it involves them.

creative journaling

There are no great fact some of the drawings are terrible. Put it down to late night  tired eyes syndrome, when I  have a difficult time focusing. Some days absolutely nothing interesting has happened. But  picture journaling is a great way of capturing the passing time and now I have started I find it difficult to stop.

How to keep a  Picture Journal

  1. Buy a good quality blank book…something that inspires you. I use these classic black sketch book available from Barnes and Noble.
  2. Invest in some drawing pens. I use fine line markers from Prismacolor
  3. Sketch what ever pops into your mind and be yourself. It may help to sketch at the same time everyday but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Below are some example sketches from my journal and because I am being myself there is a fair amount of swearing!

Here’s the day I braved the cold and snapped these photos of ice on Lake Michigan

a sketch from my creative journal

and another when I had a bit of a melt down with my sewing machine while making this Christmas advent calendar. Mr Chicago bought some tools that day and Miss teen was rather irked that she had 50 pages of her AP euro book to read.

a sketch from my creative journal

Some days my picture is something as simple as enjoying time in the kitchen with Miss Teen

a sketch from my creative journal

and other days I just draw a pattern

a pattern from my creative journal
a pattern from my creative journal
picture journal

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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3 thoughts on “Creative Picture Journaling: How to

  1. Love that Bloody Hell yell LOL
    Thats an interesting twist to writing a diary and maybe more freeing than writing a blog…….and you can cuss on occasions in privacy lol
    I may try that myself, if only to prevent me from handing out 'horoscopes' to some of the doo lallies I work with ! : )

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