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Dear Chicago House,

This past weekend we celebrated Miss Chicago teen’s Sweet Sixteen with a Casino Party. It was a theme of her choosing and inspired by watching rather a lot of James Bond movies.

She wanted elegant canapes for food (more posts on those to follow) and we decked out the basement as a casino. Now our basement is not a pristine beautiful space (it is a lot better than when we first moved in…see before and after photographs) so anything goes on the temporary decorating front.

decor for casino party

We started off by building a huge balloon wall to hide a load of basement junk. It took a bit of time but was simple to make.

How to make a Balloon Wall

  1. Blow up lots and lots of balloons. Our wall used about 90 balloons. Invest in a balloon pump!
  2. Using a thumb tack pin a length of thick cotton thread to the ceiling. I used crochet thread. The thread should puddle on the floor.
  3. Making simple loop knots in the thread attach, the balloons. Our wall had 7 balloons on each thread.


balloon wall

We pinned lots more balloons on the ceiling and also hung up some casino themed decorations I got from Party City

casino party decor
casino party decor

They played Texas Hold-em poker, which was a huge hit and gambled for prizes of sweets, nail polish and itune gift cards.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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