Lincolnshire Art Fest

Dear Chicago House,

This past weekend was the Lincolnshire Art Fest, I really enjoyed my visit last year and it even inspired a new bit of artwork which I have sinced framed but have yet to re-photograph.

I was a bit disappointed this year however as it seemed that 50% of the exhibitors were jewelry designer and while I enjoy a bit of bling as much as the next girl I was really interested in seeing big pieces of “statement art”.

But my disappointed completely evaporated when I came across the fantastic work of Jim Dee 

blue abstract art by Jim Dee

He had an amazing collection of abstract oil paintings which are truly memorizing…the more you look the more you see. Jim described them as meditative pieces and I could have stood and stared at this blue one for hours… don’t you think it would look fantastic in a beach house.

abstract art by Jim Dee

He paints in water soluble oils and each painting is a composition of many layers of paint which is then topped with a marine resin.

abstract art by Jim Dee

I asked him about his inspiration for color and he said it varied with the season but he was drawn to rusty objects and the patina associated with pools of water on metals. I think that palette is really showcased on this piece.

abstract art by Jim Dee

A full collection of his work can be seen by visiting

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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