A New House and Behr Aqua Breeze

Dear Chicago House,

So lets just say I have been a bit busy. The St Louis “sibling” town house was sold in May and we bought another townhouse in Pennsylvania soon after that (long story why…too boring to share).

I spent a lot of time house hunting online and Mr Chicago house did all of the viewings. We bought this house without me ever visiting it and what with a crazy summer schedule I had to wait until last week to set foot over the threshold. Had Mr Chicago made a good choice or was it a complete balls up?!

I loved it from the moment I walked in, bright, sunny and airy, 10/10 Mr Chicago house!

It is a brand new house which is a first for us and of course I had to get rid of some of the builder beige. Within 24hrs of my visit I had cracked open my first tin of paint and tackled the living room.

I am so in love with Behr Aqua Breeze the color choice was a no brainer

behr aqua breeze
behr aqua breeze
behr aqua breeze

It is such a relaxing color …I need to do a post one of these days with all the rooms I have painted in this color!

Anyone moving house will know the challenge of “making your furniture fit” but we have done pretty well. The dining room table started life in our first house in the UK, moved to Belgium and is now on it’s 4th house in the US.

These stools however, are a new addition and give a great pop of color to the kitchen

green metal stools
green metal stools

What do you think?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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