Three Easy Tips for Combing Fabrics

Dear Chicago House,

I have just made some new throw pillows covers for the sofa in your sun room, don’t they make you want to sit down and have a good laze with a cool drink in your hand.

I spent ages in Jo-Ans picking out the fabric and I am really pleased with the way the fabrics compliment each other so today I thought I’d share with you a few easy tips for combing fabric.

Color Palette

Home in on a common color

Fabrics with a common color work well together. To see each of the colors that are used in your fabric take a look at the color key printed right at the edge of your cloth. My fabrics shared very similar greens (No 3)


Pattern Scale

Vary pattern scale

Combing fabrics with a similarly scaled patterns is a bit dull, nothing pops and the result is flat. The effect of a large scale pattern like that on the left pillow above is enhanced when it is combined with a more subtle smaller pattern…like the simple stripe.

Pattern Design

Look for a common design element.

Both of my fabrics have a vertical line component  Рon the stripy one it is obvious and if you look at the other fabric there lots of shorter vertical lines. This design element serves to really unites the fabrics without being matchy matchy.

When sewing these covers I added zips so they can easy be changed out/washed etc. Tutorial on that coming soon.

Love from

Creative In Chicago


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