Blossom Art: Arty Farty #36

Dear Chicago House,

It is snowing in my garden today … snowing blossom that is….but hey in Chicago you never know.

blossom art

I couldn’t help myself, I collected some fallen petals and used them as my medium for creating a piece of art…albeit a piece of temporary art.

I took a shabby old terracotta pot, plugged the hole in the bottom with duct tape, filled the pot with water and then floated my petals on top. I picked a shabby dirty pot because I wanted to play off the purity of the petals.


blossom art


blossom art

I don’t like to toot my horn but at high resolution these photos were amazing and I am seriously considering using them to create some more wall art.

blossom art

Of course it won’t be the first time I have created pieces from usual objects, I built an orb from driftwood and framed sea glass

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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